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October 13, 2017
  • Welcome to preferred-online-blackjack, the only site you will ever need to visit if you’re after some great blackjack tips and other great articles on blackjack. We’re extremely proud in our site and in its extensively researched articles that touch various subjects on the matter of blackjack, starting with the controversial card counting and ending with the rules of the games. Blackjack is one of the most popular games you can play in a casino. Actually, I don’t think you will find a real casino that won’t have blackjack amongst its games. Millions of people are playing it each and every week so it’s not so difficult to understand why there’s such a big demand for information on blackjack. teaches you how to play 21 cards.

Whether you’re a novice or a professional player with lots of experience, this site will definitely take you to the next level. All you need to do is to go through all of our pages, read through all of the carefully written articles and keep in mind the essentials. While blackjack is a fairly straightforward game with very simple rules, don’t get fooled by its simplicity. Always make sure you’re on the top of your game and that you’re familiar with the variety of tips that exist on blackjack.

Besides the knowledge within our helpful articles we also offer you a directory of sites that you can access on which you can play blackjack with other players around the globe. And of course, you can also wager real money on these sites so make sure you have the needed experience as you could end up losing more than you bargained for.

But how can you train you ask?  Play online blackjack for free, click here. That’s quite easy and we have the perfect solution for you: access our Games section where you will find a nice selection of flash games, gathered from the web, all of which are free and very popular.

Riverbelle Blackjack Game

May 8, 2017

If you have ever played the game of blackjack before, we are certain that you are a fanatic for probably the most popular card game in the world. Hardly anything can match the pleasure and excitement of having ones pals over and playing this addictive game for hours on end. Riverbelle Blackjack Game unfurls a red carpet for you and your pals to get together again and take their turns at playing this cool little game called Riverbelle Blackjack Game.

The manner in which the game unfolds is pretty nice, and you surely will love the experience of playing your favourite game of blackjack on your computer screens. This is all you need to lay to rest the demons of boredom that seem to erupt every now and again, and all this while you are getting luckier. Never forget that fortune favours the well practiced man, so get on the job and summon all your lucky charms to assist you in pursuing the objective of Riverbelle Blackjack Game. You might want to practise a few rounds before you hit the casinos, as you might just get luck going your way. Happy gaming!

Colosseum Blackjack Flash Game

May 8, 2017

Colosseum Blackjack Flash Game is the final goodbye to your weekend boredom blues. You do not need to travel hundreds of miles for your passion, the game of blackjack. Just bring in a few of those who share your addiction of blackjack with, and leave the rest upon a few snacks and drinks bottles, along with the game of Colosseum Blackjack Flash Game. What you invest is just your time and what you get in return is a full fledged diet of wonderful blackjack gaming.

You won�t have any issues with the gaming interface as far as Colosseum Blackjack Flash Game is concerned, as the makers have taken into account the requirements of a blackjack lover into account before unleashing the game on the world. And to add to that, the clarity of the graphics and the quality of the sound effects is pretty nice as well. Of course, the inherent excitement that is associated with a game of blackjack is a winner in itself. Surely, Colosseum Blackjack Flash Game is one of the better games of blackjack that have been released in the recent past. This certainly is one great packet of excitement and entertainment.

Casino Blackjack Flash Game

May 8, 2017

The computer is not someone you can beat easily, and certainly not someone that can be beaten at blackjack easily. But you love challenges, right? And you believe you have lady luck smiling your way, right? Get on the laptop right now and hit the world of unadulterated blackjack action with Casino Blackjack Flash Game. The game has been named pretty aptly, considering that it succeeds in recreating the feel of a casino in the screens of the game. The menus are intuitive, and you will not have any hassles understanding as to how the game is to be managed. The wonderful graphics will add to the effect of the charms of the game.

Although hardcore blackjack lovers do not quite get bowled over with the additional seasonings of sound effects and screen effects, Casino Blackjack Flash Game might just be the game that forces them to take notice of these parameters. We look forward to providing you your daily dose of blackjack gaming with this wonderful little game. Bet thousands of chips, and reap heavy returns on these in this irresistible game of cards. You are guaranteed to fall in love with the concept.

Blackjack Fever Game

May 8, 2017

Remember the heavy feeling of a fever? You think a fever can be desirable? Ask any blackjack lover and expect an affirmative in the answer, provided the fever is from an overdose of blackjack gaming. If you happen to be a member of the global family of blackjack gaming hunters, there is a catch for you in this forest. Blackjack Fever Game is all set to give you a fever of a different kind. Get prepared to be fascinated (and flabbergasted sometimes) as you attempt at accumulating values to approach the magical 21 figure of blackjack.

You are in the game as long as you are not beyond the 21 value in terms of your cards face values. Blackjack Fever Game is the invitation you had been waiting for. The effects of the game go well with the gaming logic, and the same can be said for the screen effects as well. The complete package is definitely a force to reckon with. We welcome you to this super cool blackjack game, and are confident that we will have you as a regular visitor here.  There is no way you can make yourself immune to the charms of this cute and classy blackjack game.

Blackjack Elf Flash Game

May 8, 2017

Casino games are not just alternatives to visiting the real casinos, but also very special opportunities to try out your favourite games in an environment that you wont get in the casino. Of course, the casino wins if you want a lot of thumping sounds all around, but you can definitely consider online casino games when you are in the mood of planning out your ambience yourself. Add to that the fact that games like Blackjack Elf Flash Game let you enjoy your game with fascinating creatures like elves, and online games have a strong case.

Welcome to the world of elves who know more than a thing or two about playing and beating people at blackjack. Welcome to the world of Blackjack Elf Flash Game. You will love the sense of excitement and expectancy that surrounds you when you try to get as close as possible to the blackjack mark of 21. But be warned that bigger is not always better in this game of blackjack. You need to stay within the 21 limit of blackjack. Hit the play button right now and open the doors to a world of unlimited excitement. Happy gaming!

Anime Blackjack Flash Game

May 8, 2017

Let us have a quick recap of the objectives of blackjack before we go on to officially invite you for a non stop dose of pure blackjack gaming with Anime Blackjack Flash Game. Get on with the job and work your way to a total card value of something as close as possible to 21. And you are not allowed to tumble over the 21 mark anytime. You play against the dealer.

In Anime Blackjack Flash Game, you are playing in an environment you will not get anywhere in any casino of this world. The dealer of the game will keep you hooked and hoping for luck to shine on your face. The interface of the game is fine, and so are the graphics. The sounds and screen effects are worthy additions to the package and go a long way in sustaining the interest of the players. The anime dealer, though, continues to fascinate and qualifies as the differentiating factor. So are you ready to face the anime dealer of Anime Blackjack Flash Game. Hit the play button right away and break into the world of blackjack gaming where the fun and excitement never ends.

Absolutist Blackjack Game

May 8, 2017

Surely, a simple Google search will introduce you to a world of so many blackjack games that youll wonder if playing blackjack is the only thing that people do in this world. And there you were, cursing yourself for being a blackjack addict. However, not all are worthy of your attention and time. That said, there are some fantastic offerings as well that go a long way in providing you a perfect blackjack interface. Absolutist Blackjack Game is one such game.

You will hardly miss the casino when you play the Absolutist Blackjack Game. Calls of hit, stand and double will fill your mind with pleasure and excitement as you try your best to fulfil the objective of the game of blackjack. Insure against the ace while you play Absolutist Blackjack game. The interface is very intuitive, and all the games that throw chaotic menus at you need to take notice from the makers of this cool blackjack game. The sound effects do justice to the screens and add to the impact of the game. Of course, the flow of the game is really smooth, and this too speaks well for Absolutist Blackjack Game.  Try it out now and see for yourself.

Casino Games

May 8, 2017

So you have been bored all day long just because you happen to have the day off from college, and can’t see how you’ll spend your time now. Of course, you may have been going to the local casino for some mind blasting betting action with pals on the weekend. What if your fairy godmother paid you a visit and you convinced her to get the action to you rather than you going to get it? What if you could enjoy the rollicking moments that one can only get in the casino playing all the crazy games right inside the comfort of your bedroom! With preferred-online-blackjack, we give you what you have been wanting all the time. This is one place where you can get hold of some super special games especially made for casino gaming lovers like you.

Why would you skip the weekend casino spree and stick to your computer table playing online versions of these games? Well, these games are not to keep you back on weekends but to give you an extended weekend stretching from Monday morning to late Friday evening. And of course, you would not mind skipping the casino in favour of these online games especially if you don’t happen to be too heavy in the pockets, or your neighbourhood happens to be a witness to long queues of vehicles on weekend nights. These games have been developed with an objective of recreating a casino atmosphere for you, and the graphics plus the sound effects definitely succeed at this.

Crazy fans have been addicted to these games for quite some time now, and it is now time that you joined the clan. There is hardly any reason for you to be kept waiting any longer. Go straight to our games collection and play till you can handle no more of it! Invite your friends over any day of the week, arrange your sound system in order, and create the perfect atmosphere for an evening of fascinating casino gaming action with preferred-online-blackjack.

Blackjack-ing with cool games like Anime Blackjack Flash Game and Riverbelle Blackjack Game is going to be your favourite pastime from now on. And then there is the classic Casino Blackjack Flash Game for the purist. The uncompromising gamer gets a good experience with Colosseum Blackjack Flash Game. The other games also chip in to add to the flavours of blackjack gaming that you can get from this wonderful collection. We look forward to providing you with wholesome entertainment for the next few days, and promise to get more great games for you in the future. Happy gaming.